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Ekran - User Activity Monitoring

Ekran System is a user activity monitoring solution. It performs user session recording capturing all user on-screen activity in a video format as well as accompanying meta-data like active application name, active window title, visited URLs, typed keystrokes and typed commands. Ekran System performs user activity monitoring on servers and workstations with local, RDP and terminal session recording for Windows and Citrix platforms as well as Telnet SSH session recording for Linux servers.



Ekran System is a universal solution providing you with detailed user activity audit logs for any end-point in your corporate network via single Web-based console. Thus you record RDP sessions and local user activity on end-points, perform terminal server user monitoring and Telnet SSH session monitoring using a single tool enabling cross-analytic options.

  • Universal and network protocol agnostic monitoring
  • Simple and integrated video format
  • Multifactor search and corresponding reports
  • Incident response tools
  • Affordable floating licensing
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When to use

Ekran System is a universal user activity control software and can assist with with multiple business tasks from staff PC monitoring to sensitive data access control: 

  • Monitor employee computer activity
  • Record user activity on critical servers
  • Control privileged user activity
  • Audit third-party IT service providers accessing your infrastructure
  • Track work with critical data and applications